BJ & Ethan: Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos

Now this is a story all about how… I’ve had the time of my life.

Both of these sessions for Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos hold a special place in my memory.

First was BJ – charismatic is the first word that comes to mind for him!  He also brought along a friend who was so very helpful – everyone should have someone along to make them laugh, or call them out if they’re faking a smile.
Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos 00_1 BJ really had no trouble expressing himself, though. Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos 01_1 Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos 02_1 Crouching Tiger, Hidden GQ Senior.Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos 03_1 And then, it was time.  For BJ’s personality photo, he and his friend will, donned the most amazing shirts I’ve ever seen, embodied their Fresh Prince & Carlton personas, and reenacted the famous scene between Johnny & Baby in Dirty Dancing.  It was for real one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen in person.  These kids are poised to take over the world. Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos 04_1 Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos 05_1

Next was Ethan! My baby cousin. My 6’5″ baby cousin.  He’s also only 25 months older than my son, so the whole time all I could think was  – – that’s only two years until my BABY needs yearbook photos!  But Ethan is such a great kid.  Our grandmother calls him the gentle giant, and (as embarrassing as it may be) it’s true.  His quiet, calm demeanor is a great juxtaposition to his towering height.  Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos 06_1 And his smile is so pure (and so much like the photos I have of him and B as little kids on the porch swing!) Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos 07_1 Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos 08_1 He’s quite photogenic!Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos 09_1 Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos 10_1

I enjoy photographing seniors and love the handful of sessions I do every year – if you’re in need of Exeter NH Senior Yearbook Photos, let’s talk!

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