Family! Prescott Park Photo Shoot

Talk about a flashback!  Ethan & Emily were some of the first kiddos I photographed when I first started this “hey this is interesting” thing that has now become my full time job.  If you’d like to take a look at my meager beginnings – then check out our first Prescott Park adventure! Seven years later …. SEVEN …. We reconvened for a rendezvoux with their cousins who were visiting from out of town. They’re still fantastic children. Emily is still a peanut, and a princess. And still has her dad wrapped around her little finger.  Ethan is a little more reserved, and quite a bit more grown up, but the way he tends to the needs of his younger sister and younger girl cousins is so wonderful.  I texted Laurie after the shoot to remark what a wonderful young man he was! It can’t always be fun being the only boy, but he takes everything in stride!
Portsmouth Family Photographer Haydin & Harper are just as unique in their personalities.  Haydin is confident and sassy while Harper tries to make sure no one thinks of her as the baby, but that they all still treat her like a princess 🙂NH Family Pictures Such a good looking group of kids! Prescott Park Family Photos The whole gang!Melissa Koren Photography Melissa Koren Photography Prescott Park Cousins Photos I’ve known Laurie and Brian (on the right) for over 20 years now.  We never see each other enough! I need a whole different lifetime to just spend time with people I love and care about!Portsmouth Couples Photos A perfect, puffy cloud, Portsmouth day!Prescott Park Family Photos Prescott Park Family Photos Whatever you do with life – make sure you have FUN with it! Portsmouth Family Photos And of course, they had to end up back in a tree! 😉 Prescott Park Family Photos


Sweet Baby Lydia! 5 Days Old! NH Newborn Photography

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