Hallie & Shaun Engaged! 10.25.09

After eating my cider donuts I headed back to the coast for some engagement photos. 

Hallie and Shaun are a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Shaun is my good friend Jenn’s cousin – I’ve known them … forever (well since I was 15 but that may as well be forever!)  (He’s also Corey’s cousin, but he wasn’t a wee bitty when we met.. but still younger than me) (so is everyone these days) (are you tired of my parenthesis yet?) 😉

Hallie assumes the captain over Shaun. As it should be.  These two are in love.

They are gorgeous.

They are brave and romantic. 

Poised & Comfortable  


And she absolutely thinks his tractor is sexy! 

 Hallie & Shaun are also MARRIED!  They tied their proverbial knot 07.31.10 at the Abenaqui Country Club.  

I was >this close< to getting them blogged before they got their wedding photos.  Oh well, if I were perfect I’d have much less to strive for!

I had such a great time tooling around the coast with these two!  Thank you Hallie & Shaun for allowing me to share in a few moments of your relationship excitement!




The L Family! 10.25.09

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