Happy New Year!

Ok, Ok, so we’re already a 1/3 of the way through the month – how does that happen so fast!?

It’s been a very productive couple weeks for me; I got my house unpacked, my office set up, and I’m nearly caught up on my past events. 

45 give or take.

That’s the number of posts I’m behind from my different shoots since June.  2 weeks til my next wedding.  Hopefully I can fill in some blanks between now and then!

I’m very happy to announce my participation in the launch of myKateParkerWeddings – this fabulous free resource for wedding planning on any budget has set out to revolutionize event planning as we know it!  I encourage you all the check it out – Kate and her team are fantastic all the way!  The site does require a sign up if you do too much poking around, but it’s very worth it.

I’m so excited to get back to blogging! (And I hope to have a better regime in place for 2010!!!)

Happy Belated Holidays from me to you.



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