Libby's Bridal Shower 06.21.09

Bridal showers are so much fun – Sarah of I Do. Weddings was throwing one for her sister Libby and I was so excited to have her contact me and ask me to photograph this stunning event!  The room at The Brookstone Event Center was set up gorgeously.  Sarah had thought of every detail and the staff at the center executed it wonderfully!

I loved the greens and browns – everything was so ‘earthy’ and beautiful.

The guests were each greeted with this program of events and a run down of the activities.  By far the most fun was the “What’s in the purse” game.  It was a riot to see everyone going through their bags and running out to their cars to see who could get the most points.

These two were trying to plan their attack on how to get the most points.

Lipstick, Calculator…

In the end it was the eyelash curler that took the game.

Sisters: Sarah, hostess, MOH and Libby, guest of honor, bride!

Then it was time to open gifts!  Its quite the bar set she’s acquiring!

Libby has a great smile and fantastic laugh.

And the ability to fit her entire body in a gift bag!

I wish I could remember what she was pretending to roll out here… my bad for waiting so long to blog the event!!

Very studious and dedicated guest making a fabulous practice bouquet (I thought)

This was the BEST gift.  In advance Sarah had asked all the guests to submit their favorite recipe and a photo if they could.  Sarah then had them all made into a hardcover cookbook for Libby and gifted it to her at the shower.  This page was “take out”, which I thought was the best thing ever.

So remember the ‘bouquet’?  Turns out it was actually a hat.  Libby wore it well!

Then, the funniest thing yet I’ve seen at a shower.  This woman – I think its her aunt – was writing down random quotes from Libby as she opened her gifts and she made it into a sort of dirty madlibs.  I hope Libby saved it because it was (as evidenced below) seriously one of the most amusing things.  I was in tears I was laughing so hard.

In all it was a great event.  Sarah was seriously meticulous in her planning and every one had a fabulous time – the words of wisdom journal was filled with heartfelt blessings and advice and Sarah carried out the natural earthy theme beautifully.

She even planted one of these plants for ever guest as a favor.  a-mah-zing!

Thank you so much Sarah & Libby for having me at your event!  I loved all the thought you put into everything and learned a lot of new ‘tricks’ for future bridal showers!

~Melissa Koren

Thank you melissa! i love them all! ~ Sarah


Happy New Year!

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