Sukey & Bob – Engaged! 07.05.09

Sukey & Bob were referred to me by the lovely Kim & Brian and they proved to be equally as lovely!  They planned their wedding for the end of July so we met up on the holiday weekend and took a few engagement photos around the Wentworth grounds & Country Club where they would be having their ceremony & reception.

We started on the porch at the Wentworth – I loved the greens on the couch in contrast to Sukey’s stunning blue dress!

These two are so genuine and so in love – it was such a pleasure to witness.

They were never forced and just so at ease with each other.  p.s. Sukey is GORGEOUS.  But that’s just me stating the obvious again…

I think this is my favorite shot.  They are a perfect fit.

I left the shoot so excited for their wedding!  And so excited to know them!

I wish I’d blogged these as they happened! I’d have so much more to say!  Although – this glimpse of summer in the middle of winter is a pleasant reminder that its not cold & dreary all the time!

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  1. Wonderful photos! They do look like a special couple and you certainly are a talented photographer to be able to capture that. My daughter is a photographer – she recently graduated from Montserrat and I’m going to have her check out your website. You do nice work!

  2. Hi Melissa! I just stumbled across your blog posts this weekend when I was trying to advise a bride-to-be on wedding planning tips. You are too, too kind! We were so lucky to work with someone as talented as you are. These pictures get better and become even more cherished every time I go back to them. Thank you for all your kind words about us as a couple -we just loved having you with us for the day. What other photographer would call the hotel and have them retrieve my forgotten purse? You’re right – it’s so nice to look at these in the dreary winter days and remember how summer in the Seacoast can be. Hope you are well! XO Sukey

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