Sukey & Bob – Engaged! 07.05.09

Sukey & Bob were referred to me by the lovely Kim & Brian and they proved to be equally as lovely!  They planned their wedding for the end of July so we met up on the holiday weekend and took a few engagement photos around the Wentworth grounds & Country Club where they would be having their ceremony & reception.

We started on the porch at the Wentworth – I loved the greens on the couch in contrast to Sukey’s stunning blue dress!

These two are so genuine and so in love – it was such a pleasure to witness.

They were never forced and just so at ease with each other.  p.s. Sukey is GORGEOUS.  But that’s just me stating the obvious again…

I think this is my favorite shot.  They are a perfect fit.

I left the shoot so excited for their wedding!  And so excited to know them!

I wish I’d blogged these as they happened! I’d have so much more to say!  Although – this glimpse of summer in the middle of winter is a pleasant reminder that its not cold & dreary all the time!

Emily & Adam: A Queer Elopement at Wells Reserve at Laudholm

Emily and Adam had the most perfect early spring queer elopement at Wells Reserve at Laudholm. Just a week earlier we’d had a foot of snow, but it melted away just in time for this beautiful ceremony. Eloping at Wells Reserve at Laudholm is a great way to celebrate your love with your partner in a beautiful and secluded setting.