Laura & Kristen 10.11.08

Laura & Kristen found my magnet in their goodie bag from the Same Rights Same Love expo last October. I was super excited to get their phone call because they were my first same-sex wedding! I met them at the Radisson in Nashua and we snuck outside for a few shots before the ceremony.

Then as we waited for the events to begin I poked around their reception – I laughed SO HARD when I found these at their sweetheart head table:

Their ceremony was so sweet. Tears! (mine, and everyone else’s)

Also, the atrium area where they held it was GORGEOUS!

Kristen’s Mum & Dad – I adored them!!

The wedding party- those two girls are Laura’s daughters, that’s right DAUGHTER’S. And she was just about to be a grandmother! I still can’t believe that.

My place setting – and the adorable personalized M&M’s with Kristen & Laura’s mugs on ’em.

The first dance.

Kristen giving Laura some instruction about how to (not) feed her cake.

Ok, I don’t normally post my meal, but this was one of the most beautiful & tasty dishes I’ve had. It was a vegetable Napoleon and I would have eaten it 10 times over and still have dreams about it to this day.

After dinner: Dancing!

Getting Gram up to get footloose!

Kristen and her dad danced

And her mom cried

Then Kristen’s dad danced with his new daughter-in-law

And EVERYONE cried.

Kristen then shared a special dance with her BFF Marshall

And Laura danced with her daughters

A final parent dance with Kristen & her mum.

Then it was time to PARTY!

Thank you! They look amazing!! ~ Kristen

Laura & Kristen – what can I say!? Thank you for being my first ‘gay wedding’ you’ve certainly set quite a precedent 😉 Your friends and family are amazing and I loved every minute of it!



Holly & Will 10.10.08

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