Holly & Will 10.10.08

When I first met Holly & Will I realized how amazingly down to earth and wholesome they were.  Being in attendance at their wedding made me realize that even that was understated and that they were just amazing.  Every detail was thoughtful and gorgeous. 

Holly & her sister – I LOVE Holly’s dress, the delicate sleeves suit her so well!

Will as he sees her approach the isle – the look!  I almost started crying right then!

The bridesmaids caught Will’s look too – except Holly’s sister, she caught me!

This may well be my favorite wedding moment ever.  As they kneeled to pray they folded into each other in a perfect yin/yang.  I was so taken I think I forgot to breathe for a minute. 

The AMAZING barn where they had their reception – a fall harvest dinner and barn dance!

In authentic barn dance style they had two musicians who called out the dance formations as we went through out the night.


About 1/2 way through the evening, I realized why this seemed so familiar to me – they had been the ones to lead the ‘barn dance’ for Dave’s 80th Birthday Party!

For their last dance, Holly and Will started the crowd in signing “Lord of the Dance (Tis a gift to be simple)” and they all joined hands and danced around the barn and the property.  It was such an amazing evening

Hi Melissa, The photos look wonderful!  It is so exciting to look through all of them.  You do such nice work!  I know our families and friends will enjoy seeing them all, too. ~ Holly

Thank you Holly & Will for having me!  It was such an honor to be at such a lovely wedding!  I have to admit, one of my favorite parts were yourJenness farm soap favors because they were the same thing that we had at our wedding!



Susie & Gus 10.03.08

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