Susie & Gus 10.03.08

I met Susie at my favorite restuarant, it was an early afternoon and very quiet and we started chatting – she mentioned she was getting married and I mentioned I was a wedding photographer and presto!  I was so excited for their small intimate wedding at the York Harbor Inn, ME.  The weather could not have been more perfect! 

 I arrived at her suite as she was finishing up.  Her bouquet was stunning! 

What a gorgeous bridal party!

Her fiance, Gus, as Susie makes her grand entrance.

Then it was outside for some ‘formals’

Did I mention the weather was amazing?! 

These two were so simply, purely and naturally in love – it was a joy to be around!

Susie took off her shoes to walk through the grass and I snagged them for a quick set up on the wraught iron fence. 

Their ‘reception’ an AMAZING dinner for their family and closest friends. 

The guests egged them on into a quick first dance as a married couple and Gus went in for the dip!

Susie & Gus!  Thank you for having me as part of you intimate and special day.  I very much enjoyed myself and your friends and family made me feel especially welcomed and at home.  With love and support like that you’re destined for a life of wonder & surprise!



Jenilee & Brian 09.28.08

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