Jenilee & Brian 09.28.08

Jenilee & Bryan were also married during Hurricane Gloria – though the worst of it had passed, it was still too damp and dreary outside for the ceremony so they instead had it in the hall of the gorgeous Spring Hill in South Berwick, ME.  Their favors looked DIVINE!

I loved her color scheme, that lime green is totally becoming one of my new favorite colors. 

The posse.  Theses little boys were hysterical.  The one on the right is Jenilee & Bryan’s son.  It was so adorable to see them run around in their little tuxes!

The ceremony

It was a wonderfully sweet and touching ceremony, not a dry eye in the house. 

First dance as husband and wife!

The toasts, more tears, so much love!

The foliage was divine!

The DJ gathered everyone for a group shot and then had me stand on a very expensive speaker to get the shot!

Brian wanted to make sure he had backup incase I didn’t do a good job.. 

Searching for the garter!  Jenilee just too cute for words!

I loved the concentration on their faces during the bouquet and garter tosses

Congratulations Jenilee & Bryan!

 I hope all is well! Sorry it took me so long to use the print credit. I just figured after the holidays and what not it would be easiest to sit down and TRY to decide which I liked best… It wasn’t easy! You did an amazing job and I’m very happy with how they turned out! ~ Jenilee

Thank you for having me!



Rachel & Michael 09.27.08

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