Rachel & Michael 09.27.08

Rachel and Michael!  What can I say – I’ve had SO much fun working with these two.  They were referred to me by the fabulous Kate & Marcus. 

I met with Rachel and her mum at their beautiful house in Kennebunkport and we lined up engagement photos at the Wentworth where they got engaged, shortly there after.   Then in the summer it was back to Kennebunkport for a gorgeous wedding shower!

Finally it was time for the big day!  Unfortunatly, it was also time for Hurricane Gloria.  The ceremony was supposed to be held on the grounds of St. Ann’s church with the ocean behind them, but instead they rehearsed and wed inside this amazing stone church.   

Nothing could upset them though – and they got through the rehearsal all smiles!

The next day I arrived at Rachel’s mum’s house as they were finishing up the preparations.  I LOVE the stars that Rachel has on her back. 

Some garter help – 

And a few portraits…

SO gorgeous!

I’m not sure who was more exstatic through out the wedding process, Rachel or her Mum!

AYKM!?  All this beauty in the same place!?

Rachel arrives at the church and is greated by her dad.. 

Her father and grandfather walked her down the isle

They did it! Married!!

Then we braved Gloria to try and get a few outdoor formals.  (brr!)

They took a horse and buggy from the church to the Colony Hotel down the road – and everyone had to wait f
or them!

The Colony has AMAZING grounds – the rain kept us under cover, but their wrap around porch and gazebo still allowed us to be outside!

The joke in the wedding planning was that there could never be enough starfish! 

During the toasts

Bridesmaids hustle!

The band, the Metro, out of Boston – they were AMAZING.  Tracy Rose, the lead singer, has the most beautiful voice and they have SUCH great energy as a band, every one danced ALL night!

Even Rachels’ grandmother – who I only saw sit down ONCE!

Rachel pulled me aside and warned me that she wasn’t acutally goign to toss her bouqet, she was going to football pass it to her sister (unbeknownst to her!) This was the crowds reaction and she received the pass!

The last dance of the night

Hi Melissa the pictures are amazing!!! You are a wonderful photography. Thank you so much! I also wanted to let you know you were a great help at my wedding as well as a photographer. I’ll be contacting you soon to order pictures:)  ~Rachel

Rachel, Michael & your families – thank you so much for taking me along on this adventure!  About 1/2 way through the wedding I realized that this was it – and mentioned to Rachel I was going to miss her!  She said no way, I was their photographer for life!  Well, I’ll take that challenge and run with it! 

This was a great wedding for me also in that there were 3 of my brides all in the same place!  Rachel, Kate & Rebecca.  Thank you guys for referring me amungst yourselves!  



Heather & Dave 09.13.08

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