Seacoast NH At Home Newborn Photos

A boy and his dog. The love starts early. Seacoast NH At Home Newborn Photos

Dogs and babies.  That seems to be a pretty consistent theme for me.  But the puppy at these Seacoast NH At Home Newborn Photos is probably my favorite.  He was SO protective of the new little family member.  Layed in front of his crib, pretty much sat on me if I was touching him, completely alert and trying to help if he cried.  It reminded me of my mom’s dog Pheobe. When my son Benjamin was just born, I’d take him over to visit with his grandparents, and Pheobe would try and block me from leaving with ‘her’ baby.  As he grew bigger and started to drool and grab, she’d be right there for him to wipe his face on or grab a handful of her whiskers.  She never reacted, just patiently waited for him to figure out his next baby stage.  

I’m guessing these two pals will get into plenty of adventures together as time goes on!

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