Melissa & Chad: Married! 09.11.10 | Concord, NH Wedding Photography

So I’ve made the executive decision that in an effort to finally be up to date on blogging, I’m doing away with two-parters.  Which means you’re just going to have to ‘endure’ heavily laden photoblogs from me if that’s what the event dictates.  It seems if it’s my name on the blog, I can execute such a decision?

They’re all worth it though – more photos = more adventure + more love for everything I see!

As is the case with Melissa & Chad.

Mel is a great artist – when she initially contacted me about their wedding I immediately checked out her website and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit intimidated to take photographs for someone with such an amazing and talented gift!  I was more than thrilled when they asked me to shoot their wedding however.

I headed up to Dimond Hill Farm in Concord, NH for their late afternoon festivities.

This photo on the left reminds me of a wartime poster for some reason – I just love it!  I also love that Mel’s mum wore a stunning dress that required lacing.  A favor she’d have to repay a bit later 😉

The rooms at Dimond Hill are beautiful.  So is Mel’s dress!

I love these two – when I up down, touch the ground…hehe 😉

And the lacing favor repaid 🙂

A few gorgeous details

Walking to the ceremony

Being escorted down the aisle by her mum and brother. Melt  my heart!

And a beaming Chad waiting for them.

Not everyone can be as interested in the ceremony as I am….  I’m sure he was just in it for the cake!

10 years in the making!

Husband & Wife!

In addition to the great rooms and the great farm stand at Dimond Hill there are some wonderfully fun places to shoot on the grounds too 🙂


Well, they got the married part down so now it’s time for the eat & drink!

First dance – the first of many!

Awesome favors & reception details



And the cow jumped over the moon! (A guest pointed this out to me – how cool!)

This was my first (but hopefully not last) time with wishing lanterns it was such an awe inspiring moment.

I loved their take on the parent dance when Melissa danced with Chad’s dad and Chad danced with her mum.

And the last dance circle of love. <3

And that is the lengthy story of Melissa & Chad.  A story 10 years in the making takes way more photos than this but I pared it down to this tale.

Thank you for letting me have a place in your story!



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