Stephanie & Mike Married! Mountain View Grand Wedding

Given the amount of fun we had at their Prescott Park Engagement Session, I was a little bit more than excited for their Mountain View Grand Wedding!  Stephanie had been emailing me little questions and tidbits here and there.  Her excitement in every email was completely contagious. 

A few quick facts about these two before you get to their stupendous wedding photos. (I mean, I took nice pictures, but the wedding – it was stupendous!)

What song can you not resist singing and dancing to? Mike’s got some serious moves and he whipped out quite the number at his sister’s wedding to “Push It.” I will dance – badly – to anything. I like to make up my own (incorrect) words to songs. (Oh, hey! Me, too!) (Also, see if you can spot “Push It” in the pictures!)

Tell me one random fact about each of you. Steph: I have a fairly impressive (to me) rock collection that I started when I was younger. Mike: every time I see the sun, I sneeze. It’s a weird thing called a “photic reflex” and it happens whenever I go from the dark into the light. (I don’t recall this happening. I feel gipped now) 

Steph & Mike were kind enough to leave me some Wedding Wire Love <3

Melissa is a dream. We met her a year prior to the wedding to do our engagement photos, which were perfect. For the next year, Melissa was a sounding board for all sorts of wedding-related issues: wedding website design, bridesmaid dresses, etc. On my wedding day, when I was a bundle of nerves, Melissa helped keep me calm and grounded. She carries this Batman-esque utility belt with her; she whipped out a bandaid when I cut my finger open 10 minutes before the ceremony; bobby pins when my veil came loose. She even did my bustle in about 3 minutes flat. Our wedding pictures came back yesterday (within 4 weeks of the wedding!!!) and they captured our #bestdayever perfectly. If you’re thinking about hiring Melissa – just do it. Now!!

And in conclusion – the obligatory SEO. Maine & NH Mountain View Grand Wedding + engagement photographer, Melissa Koren Photography, photographs good people. Wonderful, loving, quirky, sassy, laughing, fantastic, and often cheeky people like you! You are good people! There are adventures to have and memories to keep so let’s get to it! If you’re in love in New Hampshire and looking for a photographer for your Mountain View Grand Wedding, you can see more of my work online at and also on Facebook. If you’d rather contact me directly, please email me at


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