Sam & Tighe Married! NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding

I did it. I broke all the rules of blogging.  This is WAY too many images for a post, but here’s the thing. I just can’t cull this NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding down any further.  Every minute of it was SO amazing and far too stunning to not share.

I should put this “almost there” sign at near the bottom of this post 😉 But these were the signs on my way to this magical place.

Beautiful ladies all helping each other get ready.  And those turquoise dangles above? Those are Sam’s wedding ‘shoes” – When I first met with these two she told me she was getting married barefoot on top of a hill.  I couldn’t have even imagined how epic that hill (or this couple) was going to be.
Their faithful companion Kaytoo (and their videographer) 
Too much ruckus from the peanut gallery got them all put in time out 😉  Many hugs. Much love. So many tears. So many memories.  Sam spied her groom to be outside.  Even the view from the top of the hill back down to the main house is anything but basic.  This is Tighe. He’s fantastic. And he’s so in love with Sam.  Every reading came with a hug.  And then, with a little help from her dad, Sam knocked Tighe’s socks off (again) – She had sang him a song.  This kiss. That is what loving with your whole heart looks like. NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding

NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding The sun started to set. And the most golden of all the golden hours happened.  I’m always excited for good light, but this was just something out of a dream. NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding
If you’ve hung in this far, thank you! These images are just tangible to me. They hold so much emotion from being there and seeing how much these two love and fight for each other.

Just as the sun set I took my leave, but not before a bevvy of hugs and maybe a few tears <3

  • Us! (And Father of the Bride)
  • Venue: Toad Hill Farm
  • Randy Weld (Friend of the Couple)
  • Peak Entertainment
  • Kaytoo Blackadar (their dog!)
  • Chef Joes Catering
  • Family
  • Danielle Machi (bridesmaid)
  • Adriana (bridesmaid)
  • Homemade

Many thanks to them leaving me a 5-star wedding wire review!

There are really no words to describe how amazingly awesome Melissa is. Our wedding was anything but flawless yet she handled it with ease and grace. In addition to being an incredibly talented photographer, she was also a seamstress, sewing my bridesmaids dress when it ripped just before the wedding, coordinator, when the florist was late and she jumped in to communicate with other vendors and get the flowers in their place, and so, so much more. She seamlessly transitioned from one role to the next to help in any way that she could without ever being asked or expected to do so and never missing a beat.

Melissa carried herself with the perfect mixture of professionalism and personality. She was able to engage with our guests on a personal level, making family and friends feel comfortable. It was like we had known her for years and she fit right in!

Melissa was easy to work with and demonstrated countless times that she takes pride in and is passionate about her work, and that she genuinely cares about her clients wedding experience.

We loved that soon after the wedding Melissa released some sneak peeks of the edited photos, even adding a personal touch remembering my birthday and sending them on that day! Once we received all of our final photos we were blown away. She captured the beautiful scenery of our mountain wedding as well as candid moments, without us ever even knowing she was there. We will forever cherish our wedding album.

We would ABSOLUTELY recommend Melissa over and over again for anyone’s special day!

And in conclusion – the obligatory SEO. ME & NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding + engagement photographer, Melissa Koren Photography, photographs good people. Wonderful, loving, quirky, sassy, laughing, fantastic, and often cheeky people like you! You are good people! There are adventures to have and memories to keep so let’s get to it! If you’re in love in Maine or New Hampshire and looking for a photographer for your Romantic NH Toad Hill Farm Wedding, you can see more of my work online at and also on Facebook. If you’d rather contact me directly, please email me at


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