Nicole & Shawn: Engaged! 10.25.10 | York, ME Engagement Photographer

A blog! A blog! .. I was on such a roll too.  I’ve been busy booking Spring Fling Sale portraits (Sale ends soon book yours now!) and celebrating birthdays and milestones.  Now, back on the wagon 🙂

On a late fall day on York Beach I found out a few things about Nicole & Shawn.

They are creative & fun-o!

They are also full of infectious smiles…

And quiet loving moments.

Braving the beach in October.

Shawn wasn’t so sure about this whole “engagement photo” thing, but being a good fiance he followed along with his wife-to-be’s wishes; and I’m certainly glad he did.

And he was a good sport about it (my favorite!)

And those smiles again! Every time I see these two I grin right along with them.

Nicole & Shawn – thank you SO much for meeting up with me to roam around the beach.  Just a few more months til we return to the scene of the crime on York Beach for your wedding! I’m super excited 🙂

Don’t wear yourself out with all the day-caring and pizza-making before then!





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