Ogunquit Maine Family Photos

What time should I schedule my beach session?

Ogunquit Maine Family Photos

Here’s the thing about Ogunquit Maine Family Photos. Timing.

Beach sessions are best done first thing in the morning (within 2 hours of sunrise) or late in the evening (within 2 hours of sunset).

On July 1, Sunrise is roughly 5am and Sunset is 8:30pm. That means your session would start no later than 7am in the morning and no earlier than 6:30pm.

As you may have guessed, most folks aren’t jumping at chance to get up at 4am for 5am photos (although some do, and it’s amazing) so that leaves the evening sessions!

My number one tip for evening sessions with little kids?

Eat First. And A Lot.

A lot of families will plan to go out to eat after their session. They’re all looking spiffy and they’ve accomplished a great task. Let’s celebrate and grab dinner!

Awesome idea, but remember, hunger = hanger for some. Trying to have fun in family photos while hangry and knowing that these photos are the only thing standing in your way? Not fun.

Solution? Snacks. And lots of them. For any member of your family you know, or suspect might suffer from hanger. ?

These marvelous kids did very well being up a little later than normal, and while admittedly they were a little wary of my at first, but the end we were running and laughing like the best of pals!

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There are adventures to have and memories to keep so let’s get to it!


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