A glimpse at vacation.

It’s an interesting thing, these Ogunquit Maine Vacation Photos.

On one hand, everyone is all together, reconnecting, sharing time.

On the other hand, everyone is all together, reconnecting, sharing time….

I must say sometimes there are sessions where I can tell they might need a vacation from their vacation. Too much family time is real.

Too much family time when you’ve got small kids who are off their nap schedules (and perhaps out of their time zones) can be even more… real.

But this gem of a group was no that at all.

The whole vibe was casual, vacation, relaxation – and it was obvious that no one was having to try very hard to embody it.

They were full of fun ideas and endless adoration for the only daughter/niece/granddaughter who I’m sure depending on the moment revels in or rolls her eyes at the attention!

I’ve done my share of photos at Footbridge Beach over the years, but this session was in the top 10 for sure!

There’s nothing better than a family that loves each other, loves to have fun, and immediately welcomes you into the inner-circle and lets themselves be free!

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