Celebrate Family! Plum Island Family Photos

When grandma lives on the beach with private access to your own little piece of heaven, it only makes sense to schedule some Plum Island Family Photos!

At the Sea-Side


When I was down beside the sea

A wooden spade they gave to me

   To dig the sandy shore.

My holes were empty like a cup.

In every hole the sea came up

   Till it could come no more.

Plum Island Family Photos 01 Sweet sweet baby Sydney isn’t quite big enough to dig holes with a wooden spade yet, but she loves sand more than any baby I’ve ever met.  She was the happiest, giddiest, cutest little sea-side girl I’ve seen!Plum Island Family Photos 02 And the apple of everyone’s eye- but most especially her Grammy.  And I think they feeling is entirely mutual! Plum Island Family Photos 03 Hello family I just plucked from the pages of a catalog. I feel like this is the picture that would come in the frame when you buy it from the store.  Right?Plum Island Family Photos 04 Plum Island Family Photos 05 Happy baby toes in the sand!Plum Island Family Photos 06 Plum Island Family Photos 07She already has Daddy wrapped around her little finger. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. Plum Island Family Photos 08 All babies are loveable. All babies deserve love. But Sydney’s hit the jackpot. She is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED!Plum Island Family Photos 09 As we neared the end of the session, we decided to bring out Myrtle. (yes!) It’s so true that chill people have chill pets and chill kids.  If there were ever a case study to be had, this family would be the poster children.  Myrtle was the calmest, chillest, non-chalantist (yes I’m making up words) dog I’ve ever photographed.  This whole family was just so joyous and excited to be together.Plum Island Family Photos 10

These pictures are amazing! We absolutely love them, you exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks again for your flexibility during the session. We can’t wait for the next Plum Island Family Photos session with you!  – Mom


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