Reed 11.08.09

This is Reed in 2008.  We hung around and shared some sideways glances. 

This is Reed 2009.  Those sideways glances have become confidence & smiles!  Oh and he has a new pet!

A whole bunch of them actually!  And each and every one of them has a name, and he can tell you all about them. 

Reed:Chicken Whisperer.

And when life hands you chickens?  Fresh Eggs $2.00! 

He is just so much fun!  He’s got the greatest expressions.  

Reed had some other news to share with me too!  

He was getting ready to be a big brother! 

When I left their cute, soon to be expanding family I knew I’d be back once the wee bitty made (her!) way into the world.  I can’t wait to share those with you too – Reed is totally an AWESOME big brother! 





Nicole & Jay 11.07.09

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