Nikki & Co. 12.09.09

If ever there was a definition of BFF, Nikki, Mindy & Erica are it.  I met Erica 9+ years ago when I hired her to replace me at a temp job.  She wasn’t able to make it out this winter’s evening but Nikki & Mindy are neighbors and Mindy & Wayne and their brood came over to Nikki & Louis’ beautifully decorated abode for some Christmas pictures with Mr. Anthony blue-eyes.

Nikki, Louis & Anthony                                                                       Mindy, Austin, Emma & Wayne

Anthony didn’t know they were supposed to be Santa’s cookies!  I’m pretty sure Santa was more than happy to share though.  

Whatever the physical embodiment of “squee” is, I’m pretty sure I enacted it when Mindy walked through the door with Miss Emma dressed to the nines!  And Austin is going to be a heart-breaker.  He’s got a Dunkin’ Donuts ornament in his hand – he took it off the tree and called it ‘Dada hot’.  We really do keep running on Dunkin’s!

BFF’s breed BFF’s I think – Austin & Anthony are already off to a kindred start, complete with mint oreos & a cell phone.  

This is my favorite.  Louis & Nikki have so much pride and joy and love exploding from them and Anthony looks like he’s just unwrapped a great present.  It’s a very Christmassy feeling to me.  

I had a great time hanging out with this brood!  Erica, her husband & her two littles were missed – hopefully next time around!

I’m too late for Christmas in July and too early for the actual holiday (thank goodness) but Merry Christmas just the same!






Reed 11.08.09

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