Reed & Family 09.21.08

Last September, I took some maternity portraits for my cousin Catrina.  Almost a year later, we revisited the scene of the ‘crime’ to take some “my first halloween” pictures with her son, Reed!

I am partially bias, I admit, but I swear, he is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen.   And this turkey costume – I was speechless, all I could do is take pictures!

Reed didsn’t find the costume as amusing as the rest of us. 

But he settled in. 

With mum and dad.

The eyes. … and the grass in the mouth! 

My favorite 2:

Mum’s trying to eat her turkey dinner early!

And a few sans costume – I love this family!

Drool – and baby feet!

Hansome boy!

My cousin is such an amazing mother, and to think, I used to babysit her! (I take no credit for her mothering abilities, I just can’t believe I used to feed her bottles and such!)

Thanks Bean, Matt & Reed for being my family, and for being my models!  You’re gorgeous and I adore you!



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