Rochester NH Family Photos

The memories you can take with you.

You grow up your whole life in one house. You even have your wedding there. And then, once all the kids are grown and moved out, it goes up for sale. It’s ridiculously bittersweet, and it may feel silly to mourn the loss of access to this place where you were formed. These Rochester Family Photos were a moment to gather together and say goodbye. To make the time for one last round of memories that can be taken into the years yet to come.

To tell stories about the times that were and influence the lineage of the family members yet to be.

I remember when we moved in the 6th grade and I felt like I was leaving everything I knew behind. When I think about it, I still visualize the nooks and crannies in our crazy barn turned home. I can count the steps in my head as I skip down to my grandparents main house below.

The scar on my knee helps me remember the curve of the gravel driveway where I wiped out and that gravel was a part of me for many years to come. (ouch)

I’ve driven by that space, and they divided the lot more, and put up more houses. I’m sure the swing set is gone. I wonder what happened to the pool. Even only living there for 12 years, I wonder about it every now and then.

It’s so wonderful that the family got together to give the house one more breath of life from their extended crew.

More memories are yet to come for the house, and the family, but for now, they can hold on these just a little bit longer.

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There are adventures to have and memories to keep so let’s get to it!


Follow the bouncing pine cones.

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