Dig for it. Elizabeth & Ryan: Married!

waterville valley summer wedding

It’s not what you think, but this Waterville Valley Summer Wedding & Photograph Session held a first for me.

A first in 300+ weddings.

Apparently, in order to ward off rain at your wedding, you bury a bottle of bourbon or whiskey upside down near to your ceremony location.

“To guarantee sunshine and blissfully blue skies when they say their “I do’s” in front of Mama’n’em, the bride and groom should bury an unopened, full bottle of bourbon on their wedding site, as close as possible to the spot where they will take their vows. It should be buried upside down exactly one month before the ceremony. Then on the Big Day, the bourbon is dug up for the bride and groom to enjoy with their guests.”

Southern Living

Ryan told me you have to bury it neck down to satisfy the devil, but I can’t find that online anywhere, so make of it what you will.

What a hilarious endeavor though! And man –


As you can see, this wedding was nothing short of perfection from the weather, to the super-into-it champion wedding party, to the tent full of delicate birch trees and twinkle lights!

Thank you friends, for having me at your spectacular wedding. My sides hurt for days from all the laughing!

Have a look at these Beautiful & Lovely Wedding Photographs in Waterville Valley, NH.

Waterville valley summer wedding by Melissa Koren Photography. You can see more of my work online at melissakoren.com and also on Facebook and Instagram! If you’d rather contact me directly, please email me at melissa@melissakoren.com!. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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