Little Black Book | Portsmouth Boston Boudoir Photography

Wow. Just – wow.

Something I’d been dying to try was boudoir photography.  But who, and how, and where!?  All of these questions found an answer when A emailed me and asked if we could do a super secret pre-wedding shoot so she could give her fiance a nice custom gift before the wedding.  Done.

We reserved a room at the gorgeous Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge and

I’m not gonna lie, there were nerves, on both our parts, but a little Pandora and a few jokes about Snooki and we got the ball rolling – it took less than 10 seconds before I was 100% sure this was something I definitely wanted to do again.

My favorite comment from A, after seeing this first series, was – wow!  I never expected shots that looked so gorgeous AND that I could show my grandmother!

Here’s a peek of her little black book (grandmother friendly)

And a little more sneak peek –

I am planning to do more of these in the winter months, so if you’re interested in you’re own little black book, please let me know!

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