Andrea & Toto Part II 08.22.09

A few weeks after Andrea & Toto’s private beach ceremony they embarked on a day of tradition and blessings that, all told, included 400 of their friends and family.  The day started out at their home with Andrea’s relatives helping prepare her for the morning.

The fabrics and outfits were shipped from Thailand – the colors were so exquisite.

This picture on the right is one of my all time favorites.  Andrea is so graceful and elegant.

Meanwhile at a neighbors house down the street Toto was getting his finishing touches.

Then they all walked back to meet the bride and guests.

Before they could enter they had to perform a few ceremonies – that included doing shots.  I like those ceremonies.

His eldest daughter was waiting to sprinkle him with water before entering the home.

The ceremony itself was such a new experience.  There was no English spoken so I could only presume what was going on.

And wonder what traditions would come next.

It was probably 95 degrees out and 111million% humidity – there were fans and AC everywhere to try and keep the people (and all the food they were preparing in the kitchen) from melting.

As near as I can figure, all of these things are wishes and blessings.  The apples, eggs, and small pieces of string tied around the wrists of  the bride & groom and guests were all given and received with a look of honor and celebration.

There were also gifts of money.  I know that’s a blessing!

After the morning ceremonies were over we went outside to grab a few shots in their traditional garb before they finished preparing for the afternoon reception.

Just as I got in my car the storm clouds opened up.  When I got home to Exeter 10 minutes later it was pouring so hard that I was drenched just getting from my car to the apartment!  I went out for a quick lunch, charged the batteries, cleared my cards and headed back to Andrea & Toto for Part III of their union!


Montanna's Senior Pictures 08.16.09

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