Andrea & Toto Part III 08.22.09

With Part II over the skies cleared up just as quickly as they had come together and soaked me!  I headed to the Dover Elks Lodge and entered into the largest reception set up I’d ever seen! Everything had been set up, decorated & prepared by Andrea, Toto & their friends and family.  It was amazing!  And the colors were so beautiful.

I was totally enamored with the star on the ceiling.  There was a  buffet 4+ tables long and people in the kitchen who kept cooking a majority of the evening and did a spectacular job keeping the trays full. (Those dark tan things on the left were super good – some sort of cookie treat)

Meanwhile Andrea & Toto greeted each of their guests personally and while a friend assisted in handing out carnation to thank the guests for attending.

Andrea’s girls!

After the nearly 400 guests were accounted for and in their seats, Andrea & Toto were announced and had their first dance, in traditional Thai style.

There was quite a bit of dancing that night!

The live band was great.

I love love love all the fabric and colors.

During the evening, the guests were visited at their table with a sip of cognac and more thanks and appreciation for being part of the celebration.

Andrea carried a large urn as they visited the tables and the bride & groom were blessed with donations of money and good wishes.

This family is full of the most adorable kids.  This is Andrea & Toto’s younger daughter.

And their oldest daughter on the left – their niece on the right!

But this little boy on the left?  In his tie?!  With his little fingers!?!? He makes me *squee* every time.

Once they had made all their visits, they changed back in to their other wedding clothes, and were once again introduced –

And had their second first dance.  They are so romantic together – it just emanates off of them.

After the dance, they cut into the HUGE cake. It takes a lot of cake to feed 400 people I guess!

Andrea fed Toto – with determination mind you –

And then .. she fed herself.  I laughed so hard!  And then told her she should probably let Toto feed her too.

She she let him try too – he was shocked at the size of the bite she took!!

After that there may or may not have been a little more cramming into faces so Andrea very tenderly cleaned Toto up to enjoy the rest of the night.

After that I left them to get home and re-set for my huge Indian wedding the next day.  That’s next up on the blog!

It was an amazing honor to be able to experience the different culture and traditions that helped make Andrea & Toto man and wife.  It’s something I’ll never forget and would love to do again!

Best of luck to you and your beautiful families.  I hope the world continues to give you happiness and love!

~Melissa Koren


Andrea & Toto Part II 08.22.09

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