Prabmeet & Sandeep Part I 08.23.09

There are many things that I love and enjoy as a wedding photographer and there are many things that I hope to check off my ‘bucket list’ during my (hopefully very long career!)  One of the first that I got to mark off was a traditional Indian wedding.  I was so humbled when Prabmeet & Sandeep asked me to photograph their ceremony and reception and when the day finally came it was indescribable.

Admittedly, part of the indescribableness was due to very limited English that was spoken but even that made everything that much more amazing and surreal, I just followed along with my lens and documented a day rich in tradition and family.  I’ll try and interject what I understood (and remember 8 months later) but I don’t want to do an injustice to the awesomeness.

I arrived at the hotel where Sandeep was having his finishing touches applied by his sister and other family members.

Then we headed to the temple for their wedding ceremony.

Once Prabmeet arrived Sandeep was led to the front of the room while his bride was escorted up the aisle behind him.

She was picture perfect, I was speechless when I saw her.

One of the things that Prabmeet and Sandeep were very good about explaining to me was the the marriage ceremony itself would consist of walking in 4 circles.  And even though there was no English for me to understand, the emotions were overwhelming and universal.

After the ceremony we went back to the hotel for some more traditions and rituals, while we waited for some things to be set up Prabmeet showed me her traditional accessories including the completely intricate henna that adorned her hands and feet.

More traditions followed to finish off the morning’s epic celebration.

Before the first part was completely over we snuck outside for some portraits.

With the first part of the day wrapped up we returned to the hotel for a scrumptious Indian Buffet lunch where I may or may not have overdone it on the mango lassis and chicken tikka.

The rest of the afternoon is soon to come!



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