Benjamin's 10th Birthday

Turning 30 didn’t bother me, didn’t think twice about it.  But being mom to a 10 year old – that certainly threw me for a loop (still does, every day).  We went to the Rockin’ Rib Fest again for the 2nd year and B had his game face on.

Much fun and copious amounts of food were had!

Part two of the birthday was a first for all of us –

Admittedly I have ZERO interest in sports.  But the buzz in the air and the grandness of it all was very exciting!

I only had the point and shoot so we could stay as compact as possible, I was showing B how much the camera could zoom but I kinda really like the resulting shot.  My 10 year old!

The sunset was beautiful!


What a gerat way to celebrate being 10!

I love you B!

Emily & Adam: A Queer Elopement at Wells Reserve at Laudholm

Emily and Adam had the most perfect early spring queer elopement at Wells Reserve at Laudholm. Just a week earlier we’d had a foot of snow, but it melted away just in time for this beautiful ceremony. Eloping at Wells Reserve at Laudholm is a great way to celebrate your love with your partner in a beautiful and secluded setting.