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My Family! Brentwood NH Family Photography

Today’s post is pretty personal. It’s my family.  Finally.  And the moral of the story is the time for photos is now.

For at least a year now, every time I do a family shoot with all the cousins, for or with the grandparents, I think about how I should do that for MY grandparents.  And then I don’t. Well, finally after blogging a NH family photo session I started to really think it through.  A few weeks later I jumped on facebook and reached out to all of my grandparents grandchildren (my cousins) and wonder of wonders, found a date (more like a single hour) that would actually work for everyone. (and thankfully it didn’t rain!)

I set up my tripod.  Dragged some chairs to the treeline. And we were in business. I call this one, me & the test shot.
melissa koren photographyAnd this is all of us! It’s amazing how two people build a family. brentwood-nh-family-photography This is my kid, my handsome, charming, sweet “little” boy.
brentwood NH family photography 0001 And my niece and nephew. brentwood NH family photography 0002 The boy on the right is my cousin, but he’s only 2 years older than my son and they’ve grown up together, and their younger cousins adore them both. brentwood NH family photography 0003 My parentsbrentwood NH family photography 0004 And their oldest grandchild! brentwood NH family photography 0005 My brother and his dog & his boy. brentwood NH family photography 0007 Siblings!brentwood NH family photography 0008brentwood NH family photography 0006brentwood NH family photography 0009 brentwood-nh-family-photography brentwood NH family photography 0012 The great-grandchildren!brentwood NH family photography 0013 brentwood NH family photography 0014 brentwood NH family photography 0015 brentwood NH family photography 0016 brentwood NH family photography 0017 brentwood NH family photography 0018

We got the job done.

The plan had been to have my grandparents in the picture too, but shortly before the date arrived, my grandfather had a stroke and was still in rehab.  It shook me. Hard. And it made me so upset I didn’t try and do this earlier.  We always think of reasons to put off family photos, but we shouldn’t.  Don’t wait to lose a few more pounds, or get a better wardrobe, or wish you were more photogenic.  Your family loves you for who you are every day, and you should never pass up an opportunity to embrace each other.

I’m so glad we did the photos anyway.  I put together an album of all the shots and delivered to my grandparents to keep with them where ever they may be.

The time for photos is NOW good people.  Don’t put it off.

~xoxo melissakoren


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