Gretchin & Alex Maternity! Fuller Gardens, North Hampton, NH

Happiness is on the way…

And it couldn’t be happening for two better people.  You may remember my story of Gretchin & Alex from their winter baby announcement shoot.  There are not enough adjectives to convey how sensational I think they are, or how ecstatic I am for them to be parents.  You can tell that having a family is something that they were born to do and it’s a wonderful thing that they met each other and fell in love so they could get started on their kismet.

We planned a maternity session for a perfect late spring evening.  I had hoped to shoot the session inside Fuller Gardens but for some reason they ended up closing early that afternoon.  After taking a quick walk around the street we were on, I decided there was more than enough beauty to work with outside the gardens, no need for us to figure out a new spot!

Just across the street was this amazing tree where the blossoms were more than happy to coordinate with Gretchin’s outfit and help solidify the ‘it’s a girl’ theme!  There was great texture in the wall, and even glimpses of the ocean in the background.  Green grass, gravel paths, and aromatic lilacs also gave themselves to being part of this wonderful maternity session!
Melissa Koren Photography Fuller Gardens Maternity Session 0002Rye NH Maternity Session Such a stunning mama-to-be. It’s almost not fair how easy she made pregnancy look.
Fuller Gardens Maternity Session 0004 Alex tried his best to hold emulate a belly.  Sorry sir, I’m just not buying it. Fuller Gardens Maternity Session 0005 This little gate area was a magical paradise!Fuller Gardens Maternity Session 0006 NH Oceanside Maternity Session And a matching gate across the street that led to the ocean!Fuller Gardens Maternity Session 0008 Fuller Gardens Maternity Session 0009 Seriously? *sigh* the gorgeous is abundant! Fuller Gardens Maternity Session

Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.  ~E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

And that something has happened, and she is sublime.  Just wait til you meet her!


Allie: 16 days old! Brentwood NH At home newborn session

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