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I have known Roland & Michelle for what feels like forever.  Michelle was a student teacher when I was in HS and I ran into her again in early 2000ish.  She, along with Roland and their friend Carolyn, were RCM Karaoke and KJing some of the most avant-garde karaoke around!  Roland designed a computer program that tracked singers stats – how many times they sang, what they sang, who it was by. They also created challenges to complete like singing a song that began with every letter of the alphabet.  Upon finishing my rousing performance of Xanadu, I was presented with a custom labeled can of Alphabits soup!  It’s no secret I was a karaoke addict, and they played right into my addiction!  They’ve since handed the reigns to the fantastic Midas Music, but I will forever be an RCM girl at heart.

I knew that RCM, and the Curits, had been having their photos taken yearly long before I was doing m|k|p. Pictures and family are important to them.  Pictures OF family are priceless. So I was thrilled to pieces (and a little nervous, to be honest!) when they asked me to come out to their house last fall and finally have an “out of the mall” session.

It was love at first click!  Aside from knowing them and adoring them, they did me a solid and wore amazingly bright colors, had fantastic ideas, and even threw an beautiful exchange student into the mix.  It was an afternoon to remember and I was so happy to finally get them in their native environment 😉

Even Michelle’s cat knows how to work the camera!!

You may remember this group hanging out on my Facebook Page just a few weeks ago – we’ve already had another rendezvous – just as fabulous, with more props!



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