Danica’s 1st Birthday 02.06.10

This job affords many wonders and privileges.  Somewhere in the top tier of that list is the documentation of tiny humans.  Dani is one of them.  This is the 3rd time I was asked to document her family and I was stoked to learn there was cake involved!

Cake you say!? Look at the teeth! Chomp.chomp.


And still with those eyes.  Melt my heart why dontcha!?

She’s such an expressive kiddo.  I love the left hand one with their puppy trying to be in the photo too.

Hilary made Danica’s first cake extravaganza.  It was so pretty! 

Soon after we finished up our private shoot the birthday guest started to arrive (I guess that meant I couldn’t eat all the cupcakes myself.  Shucks)

The time had come for the birthday cake.  Psyche! mom..give it back!  Hilary had picked a nice, healthy carrot cupcake for Dani. 

Which she gingerly explored and nibbled on, until…

Daddy snagged a chocolate one and snuck it to her. mom.. are you watching?

Then her eyes glazed over and she massacred the chocolate goodness.

Chocoholics everywhere rejoice!

And the final product.  Job well done! 

After some clean up and clean clothes it was time for presents!

Happy Birthday Dani Girl!




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