Dewitt Family Photos 11.14.10 | Stratham, NH Family Photos

Oh to be mr. reed – with those crazy deep brown eyes that just swallow you up with their powers of cunning and gorgeousness… I still remember his baby turkey days, or better yet, when he was just a bump on his mama, my cousin Catrina

Now he’s all sorts of big man on campus and about to be a big brother!

Lots of lovins for the mama & the dada!

and the new baby!  … but being sweet and still only lasts so long when you’re reed..

Catrina is definitely one of those people who wears pregnancy well – she looks stunning!


Yeah, I ate a LOT of leaves this fall. and loved every minute of it!

Seriously a little Gap boy!

well, sometimes it’s a face that only a mother (or a cousin, like me, could love)

Thank you guys for hanging out and having lunch!  Oh – and just wait til you see his big sweet chunka baby brother! Love you Bean & Matt & Reed!!



Dionne Family 11.13.10 | Seacoast NH Family Photography

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