Exeter's First Annual Cocktail Competition 05.23.10

Prepare to be Thirsty….

After Mrs. Conlan’s retirement party we decided to stop by the Exeter Inn and check out their first annual cocktail competition to support our friend and bartender, Cameron-  from our local watering hole The Tavern.   Each participating local restaurant offered a sample of their signature competition drink and some fare from their establishment.  It was all very tasty and a lot of fun!  While I hadn’t planned on taking any photos once the competition part started up I remembered I had my cameras in the car and I thought it would be fun to catch the action.  I missed the first participant but here were there resulting drinks; each competitor had to make a signature drink and some basics for the judges.

Poor Judges 😉

Next up was Cameron who definitely channeled some Tom Cruise -Cocktail action.

The foam & garnish on his signature drink

A few of the Epoch @ Exeter Inn staff

Margarita’s entered 2 bartenders; each using one of my favorites- Tequila of course!

Then it was time for Jameson from Epoch to have his go.

While I don’t remember what all the parameters of the competition were at this …ahem… late date I do know that the final entry was supposed to be the perfect 1 ounce pour.  Cameron had been a crowd pleaser by pouring the 1 ounce perfectly down his throat.  Jameson, not to be outdone had a lovely lady poised and ready in the audience to receive the pour…. and the crowd ate it up.

As much as Cameron’s offerrings rocked it, and secured 2nd & 3rd places in the competition categories, Jameson had the home court advantage and Epoch @ Exeter Inn took home the 1st place titles.

Win, lose or draw – it was a great time and I can’t wait for the 2nd Annual Competition!


Mrs. Conlan Retires 05.23.10

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