Mrs. Conlan Retires 05.23.10

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I always find it funny how moments from my past find their way into my present.  Mrs. C lived in ‘the wood’ (Brentwood) and her son and I rode the same bus.  Years later we found ourselves in the same places at the same times and *poof* – the rest is history in the making.   When he told me that his mom was retiring after 18 years at the Kensington Elementary School and they were throwing her a party I offered to tag along and take some photos for them.

As we left the house that day I was pleasantly surprised to notice the amazing irises we have beside the house – being our first spring there it was fun (and sometimes tedious) to see what popped up all over!

We arrived at the school to see all her class photos lined up on the tables for people to see

And a few photos of Mrs. Conlan before she was Mrs. Conlan!

They had brought down her rocking chair and rug squares from her classroom to represent time she had every day in her classroom.

P is for Penguin!

Students old and young came to wish her farewell.

And munch on the amazing assortment of snacks that had been provided.

All the attendees were asked to make one of these people – something she had had her class do many times before, but this time in her honor!

Happy Retirement Mrs. Conlan!  Although you were never my teacher I could tell just from the feelings in the room how much you were treasured and how much you’ll be missed!


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