Aimee & Paul: Engaged! A very fall Newburyport Engagement Session

I LOVE Aimee & Paul’s love story.  As we walked around for their very fall Newburyport Engagement session I got to learn so much about them.  I’m going to share their cliff notes of the way they met – but I swear if they wrote a short story or novel about their getting together and their journey to happily every after I would read that.  Across the continents to be matched online!?  It’s a love story that’s meant to be! (Also – Spock socks and the BEST shoes ever)

The abridged version is that Aimee had been working in Asia for a couple of years and decided it was about time she tried her luck in NYC. Just a week after arriving she wasn’t quite ready to date yet. (She was still in an AirBNB!), but thought she’d take a look around at what OkCupid was like in the US.  What’s the worst that could happen, right?!

So she set her search parameters to Boston, and lo and behold, with a 99% match there was Paul! He happened to be single at the time (after a cycling accident had put him out of action for a little while), happened to have recently moved to be just within Aimee’s 25 mile search radius, and his profile referenced our favorite webcomic (xkcd) – so her first message to Paul just wrote itself!

A couple of weeks later she came up for a visit in what would soon become the first of many.  We alternated traveling back and forth between Salem MA and NYC almost every weekend for a year. Aimee eventually found a job up in Boston, we closed the distance … and the rest is history!

When we finally told Paul’s parents we were getting married their response was ‘What took you two so long?’ 🙂

I’m so looking forward to their intimate mountain wedding this July!

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