Tamara & Lindsey: A Portsmouth Four Tree Island Summer Wedding

When I blogged about their cozy winter Newmarket engagement shoot, I left off with the line “I cannot WAIT to see how their love explodes in summer!” And their Four Tree Island Summer Wedding did NOT disappoint.

It was a perfectly planned affair with the most well executed “backyard picnic” theme I’ve seen in a long time.  A popcorn popper, baskets of picnic blankets, the use of the giant octagonal grill on the island expertly (and oh so deliciously) manned by Rolf of Rolf’s Kitchen, and the vibrant florals by Drinkwater Flowers gave it a feeling of absolute classic brilliance.  And as incredible as all of these details were, nothing could surpass the exuberant amount of LOVE that filled that island.
tarama lindsey married-0009 four tree island summer wedding Before making their journey over the causeway to the festivities, they had some quiet moments with a kindred spirit.
tarama lindsey married-0034-2 tarama lindsey married-0038 And then they began their journey to forever – and crossed paths with the island’s goodluck groundhog! All of their friends and family were waiting for them on the other side of the walk to shower them with love as they proceeded to say their I Do’s.  It was quite touching! tarama lindsey married-0058 tarama lindsey married-0065 tarama lindsey married-0062 They hugged their mothers first, and then proceeded down the line greeting all the guests.  I’m not a fan of a receiving line after the ceremony, but I loved the feeling that this pre-ceremony parade of sorts added to the day!tarama lindsey married-0074 tarama lindsey married-0096 Then it was time to get married! four tree island summer wedding Another kindred friend of theirs officiated.  And somehow perfectly coordinated her dress with the bouquet! The brightness and the colors in this wedding – I tell you!! tarama lindsey married-0131 tarama lindsey married-0148 tarama lindsey married-0164-2 tarama lindsey married-0227 tarama lindsey married-0243 tarama lindsey married-0247 drinkwater flowers four tree island wedding So much loving and hugging and enjoying being together! As it should be! tarama lindsey married-0309 tarama lindsey married-0334 Being (almost) an island there are nearly 360 degrees of waterscape to take in.  tarama lindsey married-0350-2 And 360 kinds of Lindt to enjoy! tarama lindsey married-0358 You can’t have a picnic without the cornhole! Or the football. And the dancing! And mr. groundhog made another guest appearance. tarama lindsey married-0355 This cake was a gift to them from a friend.  It is hands down one of the most delicious confections I have EVER tasted.  And it’s simply magnificent to look at as well! four tree island summer wedding tarama lindsey married-0420 tarama lindsey married-0444 tarama lindsey married-0486 The last picture fills me with glee.  Lindsey loves every single facet of Tamara.  Even her predilection for dancing on picnic tables and she is so whole heartedly in love with everything about him as well.  It’s an amazing partnership!tarama lindsey married-0507-2


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