Jackson – 17 days old! | Brentwood, NH Newborn Photography

Jackson sure gave his mum a run for her money for the 37 weeks he was growing, and a few there after, but he came out pretty darn sweet, so I think she’ll forgive him.   Just about a month after we took some family photos, Jackson made his dark haired appearance in this world.  His mum, Jenn & I have always been suckers for office supplies so I grabbed this sorting basket from my office and headed over to their house to meet the newest member of their family.

Sheer perfection.

Then I got mean and made him get naked and he no longer wanted to be asleep – instead he plotted his revenge in a very Smither’s like manner. 😉

favorite favorite! way to lift your head up little buddy!

nibble.nibble.chomp-baby toes!

He’s a super expressive baby – with his little escaping hand!

And the Christmas stocking worm!

Such sweet warm lovey goodness.  I ran into them last month and I can’t believe how huge he’s getting!  I don’t understand how time goes so fast.

Love you bunches Cole family <3



Morgado Family Photos 10.31.10 | Exeter, NH Family Photography

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