Ouellet Family Photos 11.06.10 | Brentwood, NH Family Photography

I only have one memory of having family photos done when I was a kid – I was… maybe 13 and DEFINITELY at the most awkward horrendous time in my life.  Maybe someday I’ll scan it and prove it to you.

I have had two photos taken with my son; and he’s almost 11… shame on me, and if you’re in the same boat, shame on you – and let’s talk pictures!

Lynda however, gets one million points for gathering her brood on a lovely November afternoon for big, joyous, family photos.

Now, when I say lovely, I mean, cool & raw – but for November, it wasn’t snowing and there was still some color hanging around, so lovely it is.

And they were all troopers, especially the cutie patootie in his little white collared shirt and argyle sweater vest. AYKM!?

After seeing the shots, Lynda had the brilliant idea to make little albums for everyone, I’m assuming as Christmas gifts.

I loved the way the turned out, little soft cover keepsakes of family.  I would love LOVE to see something like that of my family from when I was a kid!

Maybe you’ve heard it before, or maybe you’ve never thought about it this way – but your kids, and your family.. they love you for you, and memories of you, as you are today, will be important to them tomorrow.  The time for photos IS now. Not when you’ve lost some weight, or you have a better hair cut, or any one of the other excuses that we’ve all used (myself included) a million times.

Thank you Lynda, for embracing your family!



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