Julie & Jay! Oceanside Kennebunkport Maine Colony Hotel Wedding

Oh Julie & Jay! What is there to say about their Kennebunkport Maine Colony Hotel Wedding? More like what ISN’T there to say??  I mean, after a Newburyport Engagement Session where the dog ate their homework (so to speak) I was ready for anything. Always expect the unexpected, right?

The beautiful setting, stunning couple, love and laughter – totally expected.
 Kennebunkport Maine Colony Hotel Wedding

A Wonder Woman robe? Totally UNEXPECTED.  And hilarious. Better yet it blends right in with the bridesmaid’s dresses.   Kennebunkport Maine Colony Hotel Wedding Wonder Women they all are – full of compassion and hilarity. (With one of the funniest, yet not shareable, stories I’ve ever heard) The family is already full of sisters, but I would gladly be one more.
Protip – Don’t let the seamstress remove the wristlet from the underside of your train – it’s there for a reason and superbly efficient in carrying around the train before you’re bustled.  That dog, that at the “homework”- That’s Miss Ursula. And she donned her tutu and pearls for her jaunt down the aisle.  Now THAT’S a wedding party!  Kennebunkport Maine Colony Hotel Wedding

This album as so fun to create! Almost as fun as the wedding itself!

Melissa, WOW! These are more beautiful than I could have imagined! Thank you so much! You really are the best!~ Julie

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