Prescott Park Spring Family Photos

Portsmouth, NH – Prescott Park Spring Family Photos

Sometimes I feel like I’m a keeper of time.  It’s an incredible concept and an honor I don’t take lightly. One instant can lead to the next and all of a sudden an entire year has gone by.  Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. Fifty-Two Weeks. Twelve months. These Prescott Park Spring Family Photos were like deja vu all over again.  Almost two years to the day from this image –

We created these images! Nearly the same instant. Same place, but with a new addition!  Ian and Jack have come a long way since Jack’s Portsmouth NH At Home Newborn Session.
Prescott Park Spring Family PhotosJack is the most chill toddler ever – Prescott Park Spring Family Photos And Ian has adjusted to being a big brother!Prescott Park Spring Family Photos Getting him to stop moving at the speed of light for a proper portrait was an adventure.  But I absolutely love the stages of developing a smile for little kids.  My son Benjamin had a very similar underbite smile for a few months around this age.  Having photos to remember it by makes it all the better.  And then there’s Jack, who’s working on his “how you doin’?” smirk. Prescott Park Spring Family Photos More? You’d like more pictures cutie? We’ll have to wait til next time, at your fall mini-session! Prescott Park Spring Family Photos

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