Lauren & Kate: Married! 07.09.11 | Manchester, NH Wedding Photography

Slowly keeping up my ‘only 3 months behind’ blogging pace – I’m excited to tell you about Lauren & Kate’s wedding.

After our initial meeting where their enthusiasm and love for each other, and musicals, won me over immediately – we had a fantastic rendezvous shooting their engagement photos.  As July approached I got more and more excited for their rendition of a mid-summer’s afternoon wedding.

The event was held at the NH Institute of Art in Manchester, NH (Manchvegas for those of you who are local) and the details of their day were beyond spectacular.  From the playbill & centerpieces to the leather bound journal holding their ceremony and fantastic wire bouquet – everything, including the building, suited them to a T.

When I arrived they were finishing up hair and other readying things.

And after they were perfected, they split up to dress separately and stay apart until the ceremony.

Lauren’s mother helped her girls with their bobbles,

While Kate and her mother got her into her spectacular gown.

Lauren’s gown was equally spectacular, but a little more intricate in the doing up – her MOH however did a fantastically speedy & skillful job at it!

Love notes.

And then, it was time for the ceremony – I found the officiant waiting in the wings, who knew stacked chairs could be so awesome.  Or maybe it’s the fantastic mask and crown..

The girls entered with their fathers simultaneously from each side, each preceded by a set of “bubble kids”! (LOVE IT!)

Their readings were, as everything else, heartfelt and representative of them as a couple, including Nat’s fabulous reading of A Lovely Love Story.  “Together they stand on the hill, telling each other stories and feeling the warmth of the sun on their backs. And that, my friends, is how it is with love.” –Edward Monkton

The stage/hall at NHIA is phenomenal – –

But no where near as phenomenal as Lauren & Kate’s “we’re married” curtsy & rock star action!

If I were to try and narrate this series, I would do it no justice!

And then – it was time to PARTY!

So many lovely things to say about these two amazing women.

Who listened intently, humbled and full of love.

Now here’s where I was really jealous.. They surprised their guests by performing a duet – I fantastic rendition of Rent’s I’ll Cover You.  It made me teary eyed!  I KNEW I should have performed at my wedding! 😉

I really enjoyed how they did things at the same time, not putting one before the other, including the father daughter dance.  It signified so much equality and unity but didn’t lessen the importance or emotion.

I though my cheer & grumpy care-bear cake toppers were well suited to Nichole & I … but here we have Kate & Lauren’s Disney princess doppelgangers!

knife. sword. whatever. 😉

And now, for some of the most amazing centerpieces I’ve ever (and I would wager, will ever) see(n).  Expertly executed by the Alyssa & crew at Apotheca Flowers – I’m in awe of them.  I’m also aching to get over to Goffstown and experience this tea/flower shoppe first hand!

I’ve come to learn, any wedding where they play the timewarp is awesome.  And this top right picture, is perhaps my most favorite, at least my favorite since Robyn & Chris’ timewarp! (hmm, they also used a sword to cut the cake!)

~Reach for the moon – even if you miss you’ll land among the stars~

Bouquet toss? Nay. – golden apple toss! hurray!

It was the perfect dream of an afternoon!

Thank you both for finding me and having me at such a great affair!



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