Madelyn Lori – 3 weeks old! 07.12.11 | Seacoast Newborn Photography

Madelyn Lori is the sweet faced peanut of my friends Hallie & Shaun.   I was so excited for them when I found out they were pregnant, and I knew all along she was going to be a girl.   I headed over to their house on a particularly warm July day and got a chance to snuggle with this sweetie!  Warm is best for newborn photos, so much so I had to ask them to turn off their wonderful central air for a bit so we could keep her cozy and warm even with out clothes on.  Once we had her dressed, we promptly turned it back on and I stood over a vent vowing I was never leaving 😉

Kitty wanted in too 😉

The L. L. Bean bag was sitting by the chair and I thought – hey, lets do it.  We filled it with blankets and I soothed her to sleep.  I love this photo. I loved it so much I used it as my facebook sneak peek that day and for the heck of it tagged L.L. Bean.

Imagine my surprise when the next day I see MY PHOTO in THEIR facebook stream!  It was like I’d one the lottery, as silly as it is, and I thoroughly enjoyed my “15 minutes of fame” 🙂

 But back to the real star, Madelyn <3  I love the smooshy face, little diaper cover and toosh in the air!

Being as warm as it was we decided to take her outside and let her be diaperless in the breeze.  She seemed to like it 🙂

Or at least, she seemed to sleep right through it!

I can’t wait to photograph her again soon! My little m.l.e. (I swore to Hallie I would call her Emily, if only by accident at least once!)

Sleep well sweet face!  And thank you Hallie & Shaun for letting me meet your beautiful little girl!


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