Leah & Noah L.O.V.E. 07.17.09

I have known Leah for a few years now and she never ceases to amaze me.  Noah was lucky enough to cross paths with Leah and l.o.v.e. was born.

It just happens that Leah creates.  She does it here  leahcreates.com and she also was invaluable in creating my new site here!    In return I offered to take some photos of her and Noah for a  their appearance in Melly Hocking’s “Love & Photo” Series.  We met up at Breaking New Grounds in Market Square-Portsmouth and took off for a walk around the great downtown.

We meandered through Strawbery Banke first – there are so many great houses and door frames down there.

I am envious of Leah’s ability to rock the sunglasses!

The dressed for the earth with their brown & green. Perfect!

I love the juxtaposition of these next two 🙂

Then we headed towards the garden and Leah went to climb up into the tree and then there was a …rrrrrrrrip.  Poor Leah!  Her favorite jeans!!  She momentarily lost the sparkle in her eye and then there was a big pout.  Then I asked her if I could blog about this and she said yes and started laughing again.  Phew!

Or maybe it was just the comfort she finds in Noah’s arms that made her feel better – it looks like a lovely place to be!

Those eyes they do sparkle though – woah.

One of my favorite places in downtown.  I love the little pieces of urban chaos in otherwise serene New Engalnd towns.

And this photo here?  It just encapsulates the people and the moment perfectly.  I love it!

We had a grand time, well – except for Leah’s pants, I don’t think they had the best of times!

And if you’re even in need of any design help – I highly recommend her services!


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