LeBlanc Family 04.29.11 | Hampton, NH Children's Photography

These kids hold a very special place in my heart.  Even if Ethan decides by the end of every shoot that he hates ‘that lady’.  Caleb is a ham, straight up.  I remember the first time I photographed him for his 2nd birthday and he didn’t really think cameras were all that fun – but now – he strikes a pose.

Mary is in a class by herself.  Completely content to just wander the beach and eat the sand.  Not a care in the world but fully aware of the love around her, particularly from her big sister, Hannah.  Every time I see Hannah I’m struck by how mature she is.  How she handles herself and her family.  She is someone to know.  Someone to learn from.

These four kids wouldn’t be who they are with out their parents – a force to be reckoned with.  Sometimes you meet people who you know could conquer the world and you wonder if they’re wearing superhero costumes beneath their street clothes, ready to duck into a phone booth, ready their alter ego and leap tall buildings in a single bound (please excuse me if i’ve mixed my marvel metaphors…) but I hope you at least get the point.

It was so great to catch up with this family again briefly before their end of vacation picnic.   Super-hero dad is nearing the end of yet another deployment and I sincerely hope we can get together at the end of summer for some more family photos of the complete set!





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