Lochlin 10 Days Old 12.10.10 | Brentwood, NH Newborn Photography

Remember how I said we all eagerly awaited this perfect person?  Well here’s the proof.  Absolute perfection.

A born model, with his posed hands and superb alertness.

My favorite.

I will not wear this hat. You cannot make me.  I didn’t get to wear it first so I’m not wearing it at all.

Well, OK, I guess I can deal.. there’s a bottle in it for me you say?

No, really.. how can you be this cute?!

And visions of sugarplums danced in his head…

I already know that watching this sweetheart grow up will be one of my favorite things. 🙂


Jocelyn 6 months! 12.04.10 | Hampton, NH Children's Photography

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