Lochlin Mac! 11.29.10 | Portsmouth, NH Birth Photography

After maternity photos at the end of October, I kept very busy while trying to wait patiently for this sweet little boy with these sweet little piggy toes to arrive.  A strong willed child, like his parents, he was all about his time schedule, and his exit strategy, and 13 days late, after a long day for mum and dad, and a c-section later, this perfect person had arrived.

And nobody was more in awe and adoration, than his dad.

8 pounds, 10 ounces, 21.25 inches long.

and gorgeous.  30 minutes old!

Adoring grandmothers were there to behold the wonder of a grandson!

He had quite the turn out for his arrival – I guess it goes to show you keep people waiting, and they’re still there for you 😉 (p.s., this only works if you are less than 24 hours old !)

We stuck around until the dust settled so we could check in on them and make sure they were all set before the we left the hospital.  We got to see him have his first bottle!  He downed it like a champ (and hasn’t let up since ;))

And we got to see his mom, my wonderful friend Allison, see him for real, for the first time.  I cried then and I’m crying now just thinking about it.

This amazing family rocks my world. And wait till you see this pudge at his 12 days shoot!



Vivian: 9 months old! 11.28.10| Methuen, MA Children's Photographer

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