Matty 14 Days Old 12.17.10 | Seacoast, NH Newborn Photography

Hello sweet tiny baby!  I want to smooch all over you but I fear I’ll break you.  Born 6lbs 6oz and 19″ he was the wee bitty! (Particularly compared to Lochlin who I’d just shot a few days earlier – love you Lochlin! :))   Wee bitty but completely alert and quite sure of who he is.  More perfection. Dark hair and dark blue eyes.  A perfect mix of his parents.

He was very sure he should be able to roll over at 2 weeks – but he makes great eye contact!

I l.o.v.e. his little hand perched on the pom pom.  He looks almost pretend in his petiteness!

We willed him to sleep with a good nursing in the sunshine and then let him bask in the winter light.  I almost feel as if we should put little angel wings on him..

But instead, its more Christmas celebration in the hat!

And to all, a good night!

Thank you Maggie & Dave for inviting me to your home to snuggle your precious little boy!

And just for giggles, it’s the MKP installment of “Who wore it best?!” … yeah, right, like I could pick a favorite in these sweeties!!


Truffle + Tavern Annual Toys for Tots Drive 12.16.10 | Exeter NH Charity Event Photography

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