Family! 12.19.10 | Kittery, ME Family Photography

When Logan was a baby, I babysat him once as a favor to his mom.  It was late 2007 and I was just starting all this jazz.  I took some baby photos of him, and his mom loved him so much she asked me to shoot some family photos for her – at that time it was just her and her sister, and baby Logan.

Just over 3 years later, Logan is all grown up (well, ish ;)) and now has two little cousins Brendan and Aubrey!

My how the crew has grown!

I love love love these two photos.  I would definitely make a big canvas print of the one on the left.   And frame the one on the right.  SO CUTE!


Logan took his job of baby holding VERY seriously.  That’s a big task for a not quite 4 year old!

Best family Christmas card photo ever.

I had so much fun and it was so nice to see this growing family again!


Matty 14 Days Old 12.17.10 | Seacoast, NH Newborn Photography

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